Dining Chairs

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  • Chicago Chair Covers

    An easy an inexpensive way to cover chairs that may not fit the aesthetic of your event. Available in Black OR White Lycra.

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  • Hans Wegner Black Chair

    The undisputed master of Danish chair design is Hans Wegner and this replica is as close as they come, perfect down to every detail. The rope seat adds that extra design element.

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  • Harlem Wire Chair

    The Harlem Wire Chair is a simple, modern design that comes in 3 different colours. Keep your guests comfy and add the velvet cushion.

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  • New Jersey Velvet Chair

    Luxury velvet dining chairs with Event Republic’s fluted stitching will give your dining chairs that added bit of class without extending the budget. Easy Choice.

    Available with a Gold, White OR Black Frame Body


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  • Norway Dining Chair

    Solid wood and beautifully designed. These Norway inspired Dining Chairs can fit into any design criteria with 3 different colour options to choose from. Our wooden chairs are Distinctly Different. Be Different.

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  • Soho Chair

    If you’re after that minimalist look then make your chairs disappear with the transparent appearance Soho dining chair. Also commonly known as a ghost chair, but don’t be scared, ghosts are cool.

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